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Studio, Loft, & Garden Unit

This page presents general information of Studio, Loft, and Garden Units available at The Grove by Rockwell. If you want to know more about The Grove by Rockwell, please check our The Grove feature page.




Floor Area = 34.00 sq.m.
With Parking

Furnished / Unfurnished Unit Available
Parking / Without Parking Unit Available

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Two Bedroom Loft*

Floor Area = 91.00 sq.m.
Parking Slot = 1

Fully Furnished

*One & Three Bedroom Loft Units also available

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One Bedroom Bi-Level*

Floor Area: 77.00 sq.m.**

Fully Furnished with Parking Slot

Orientation View: Ortigas Skyline/Jogging Path (see bottom of page for Orientation and View)

*Two and Three Bedroom Bi-Level units available

**Least floor area size available

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Lease Terms:
– Rental Rates are negotiable
– Minimum lease term is 3 months for ST and 1 Br; 6 months for 2Br and 3Br
– Rates are inclusive of Association dues and use of Grove Gym
– Rates may vary without prior notice

Your choice of View:

Tower Views & Orientation


For inquiries, please call +63 939 9222710


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