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Paint Colors for Bedrooms Using Color Psychology | Christian Painting


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Reading REAL

Just wanted to share something from my Facebook.

It’s not about money, it’s about finding purpose.

Success means different things to different people, so let me be exceedingly clear on my definition. Success is not about money. Success is finding purpose in…

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RT @Lamudi_PH: In reality, “quaint” mean

RT @Lamudi_PH: In reality, “quaint” means the property is small. #LamudiPH

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Who’s Who? The Philippine’s Richest In Real Estate

How many of today’s Filipino richest Real Estate businessmen can you identify and match with their business projects?

Get to know the people or families and the projects they make in this short guide. If anything, this guide will be good for anyone new to the Profession so they can be familiar.

Richest Filipinos In Real Estate


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RT @bworldph: Property developers’ capex

RT @bworldph: Property developers’ capex likely at P330B this year

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ICYMI: RT @jay_castillo: Learn about for

ICYMI: RT @jay_castillo: Learn about foreclosed property investing without the hype on March 21, 2015 at the Lakambini Hall, Villamor Air…

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UPDATE: Price & Interior Of Featured Property


This is just an update to the Featured Property: Riverfront Residences. The Sale Price has changed and is now on sale BARE.

The property can be seen here.

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