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Are you planning to bring home a new puppy?

There was a time when me and my brother bred dogs. After 10-12 weeks of taking care of a litter, most puppies are ready to go to their new homes. I say most because some puppies may need more time to stay with their mommy.

Anyway, when giving away a puppy and sending them off to their new home, I find it helpful tp give the new owners something to bring from the puppy’s old home. It should have the ‘scent’ of their mother, littermates and caretaker. A blanket, towel or a caretaker’s recently used shirt will do. As long as it has the scent of all those I mentioned above.

Did you know that putting a ticking clock near your new puppy may help soothe him? This article say it simulates their mother’s and littermate‘s heartbeats! This I didn’t know until I read this article. Your Puppy: Exploring His New World



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Defining Wealth in Asia (Test Post)


Please bear with me for I am trying to link my blogposts on facebook. This is just a test post.

If you got yourself here because of the title above. The article can be found here:

Stay well.

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Time For Change

Dear Readers,

Assuming I have followers of course.  hahaha.  I think I will change the purpose of this blog.  I want this blog to be able to help or serve its readers.  Any suggestions?

Currently, i’m thinking…

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Limited Supervision: A Reson to Sell Real Estate

Are you like me?  The type who prefers to work freely, with nobody constantly breathing at the back of your neck?  If you answered yes, good for you then.  But, be careful.  This preference comes with a very high price.  You need to be extremely disciplined and responsible because this freedom is and can be easily abused.

Wise and creative use of time, however, will make you succeed in your real estate career.  You should have time to do marketing, advertising, networking, presentations, product / competitor studies, and correspondences.  How you will do all these without burning out or going insane is all up to, after the proper guidance of your broker of course.  

In real property selling, your broker will not be able to supervise you all the time.  He is responsible for training you though.  After that, most of the time, you are on your own.  Hower, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to slack off.  He will still keep track of your production. 

Ask yourself this question:  Am I responsible and disciplined enough to work as a real estate salesperson?  If you honestly say yes, then give me a call.

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Nasty’s Realty Rule 21 April 2010

When showing a property to a potential buyer, it is best if the sellers are not around.

Because: 1) it’s difficult to protect the interest of the seller when they’re there; 2) agreements between you and your seller can drastically change; 3) when a seller hears a negative comment, they easily get offended because of their attachment to the said unit; 4) some brokers are so unethical that they get the contact details of your seller; and 5) you can’t focus on delivering a great service to the potential buyer.

So, what’s your take? Do you prefer sellers to be present during a viewing? Is it really more advantageous for them to be present? If not, why?

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Income Opportunity: A Reason To Sell Real Estate

I think most of you will agree that earning nowadays is difficult.  Having a job will give you a modest salary, but you may be losing an opportunity to make more moolah out of your very precious, and scarce time.  I challenge you to give me one legal vocation that can give you more income opportunity than selling real estate. 

Yah.  I thought so too…

Salespersons, when you decide to sell a home.  For example, a 3 Million worth of real property.  3,000,000.00.  Which is the average price of any decent home, by the way.  You will take home atleast Php 90,000.00.  Even if you only sell one property in every quarter, it will still give you Php 30,000.00 per month!  How many of you are earning this much, monthly, through employment or by selling new multi-level marketing schemes, washing machines, gym services, or make up / beauty products? 

So, have you decided to join my team of successful salespersons?  If so, what’s your primary reason to sell real estate?  Or, do you have a success story of a successful agent who witnessed the unlimited income opportunity of this profession?

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Crocs Sale

Yesterday, picked up Lei and went to the crocs sale.  Prices were rediculously low.  See for yourself.

I guess what I am trying to say is… Be there on their next sale.  Definitely worth the trip. 

Some disclaimer though…  I am or was never a crocs fan.  Didn’t buy anything during this event.  I just regard the footware too common for my taste.

But, what can you say about the brand?  Do you honestly believe that it is worth its price?  Kindly tell me your experience about it.  I’d gladly appreciate it.

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