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FYI: APEC Weekend Road Schemes & Other Details

As you may know, Metro Manila will hold the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (AELM) on November 18 to 19 2015. These dates have been declared special non-working days; the kind that reorganizes and changes traffic flow in the metro. All details on rerouting/alternate routes and road closures can be seen on the link below:

APEC Road Advisory For AELM Week (November 15-19, 2015)

Be advised that the number scheme will be implemented in Metro Manila

Also, if you want to follow the dialogue and know more, like the Facebook page.

So, what are your plans for the long weekend?


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Building Bridges and Informed Decisions: The Need For Real Estate Brokers vs Websites


Here is a quick post. I just want to share this article on the importance and role of a Real Estate Broker.

Six Reasons Websites Cannot Replace Real Estate Brokers (Lamudi Philippines)

If I may add, implied in the article is that human factor, the relationship you make with a professional in the midst of all that talk on Buyer-Seller transactions. The upside of course is Brokers form Associations or are Associated with other Brokers. This fact alone organically improves reach and engagements many folds.

So, try to build bridges and try not to be confined in the walls of your device. Let us handle it. 😉

Section 3-g-(4) of the RESA Law IRR:

“Real estate broker – a duly registered and licensed natural person who, for a professional fee, commission or other valuable consideration, acts as an agent of a party in a real estate transaction to offer, advertise, solicit, list, promote, mediate, negotiate or effect the meeting of the minds on the sale, purchase, exchange, mortgage, lease or joint venture, or other similar transactions on real estate or any interest therein.”

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Transpacific Partnership Setback? The Fair Competition Act Explained.


Here is a brief explanation and update on the Philippine Fair Competition Act. Let me just tell in advance Pres. Aquino did not change his stand on Foreign ownership restrictions in the Constitution. It is just there are high rank officials who think relaxing said restrictions is necessary in commencing the Transpacific Partnership. Learn more in the video below.

Do you think this non-resolution is a setback? Are you for or against relaxing Foreign Ownership restriction? Is the Philippines ready for this level of competition?

Source: ANC (

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Welcome Successful Examinees!

The Official Results are out! In just four days, REBAP has released the Examination Results for the May 2015 Real Estate Broker Licensure Exams. This we have to be thankful to the staff and association for the fast work of 10,370 Examinees, and to the Board members who proctor the exams. Registration details and requirements can be found on REBAP article.

Other links on the page you may want to see first:

Congratulations and may you serve well!


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Paint Colors for Bedrooms Using Color Psychology | Christian Painting

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Reading REAL

Just wanted to share something from my Facebook.

It’s not about money, it’s about finding purpose.

Success means different things to different people, so let me be exceedingly clear on my definition. Success is not about money. Success is finding purpose in…

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RT @Lamudi_PH: In reality, “quaint” mean

RT @Lamudi_PH: In reality, “quaint” means the property is small. #LamudiPH

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