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Late Post: New Links & Fixed Links

(Something I just want to get out of the way…)



It has been a while since I posted anything, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy lately with preparations for my cousin’s big wedding, and some other business/trading for my hobby in the other end. Anyway, I am currently fixing and improving the blog’s broken external links which was brought to my attention when my brother and I consulted a website designer. I have managed to find the broken ones and simply updated the URLs. I also removed some links that are suspended or closed namely the links to PAREB and PMRB web in the Blogs section. A replacement will be in the works soon hopefully. For the fun part, I have added links to my Pinterest account, my Pasig blog, and link to the web affiliate or MLS account I use. I use Pinterest to put all my favorite photos from all projects, and viewings I handle. My Pasig Blog is where I note listings (others’ and mine) I come across.

It is good practice to inspect your web blog or sites’ external links because not all organizations, companies, brands, etc can maintain them. Some, if not most, change completely while others close entirely. Also, you may be at fault on your end as well. You may have linked your other site, upgraded plans or subscriptions, or changed URLs then, forgot to update the blog link end. Needless to say, I will be adding or removing some more links in the future.


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