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Make-Your-Own Magnum Cafe Opens in Taguig

I like this! I know you might have seen this all over your Social Network stream sometime last week, but this is just too good to miss that I had to have it here. The idea excited me so much I hurriedly searched for the desserts and completely ignored the other featured meal descriptions. I just want some of that Magnum ice cream! See for yourself.

MAGNUM MANILA - Our Awesome Planet-95.jpg

Image from Our Awesome Planet site

Definitely, a must try dessert stop next food tripping in BGC Taguig. 


Friendly Advice: A friend informed me that as of the weekend, the place was crowded and people waited in line. Keep this in mind if you are planning to dine with kids. Also, No Reservations allowed. First Come, First Served Basis.


Prepared by Jericho Montemayor VOM

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