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Maginhawa Street Food Strip

Maginhawa Street Food Strip

There was not much in Old Maginhawa Street; a short walk from Sikatuna Village where I grew up. It was a Residential zone typical for housing young families with kids attending nearby private schools, and where I meetup and hangout with my school friends. The aptly named village (Teacher’s Village) was just as appealing to families as it was for the Instructor profession.

Now, I am surprised to learn this quiet place (can I say homey?) has been reclassified as a mini commercial zone (Spoiler!); and, rightfully so. There are just plenty of restos offering good variety of meals appealing to this generation’s students and workers. Although quite distant from college schools, it has become a hot strip even for college students who either has enough time to dine for their favorite food and hangout with friends, or to look for comfort food after a hard day’s grind.

You see the place featured on TV, or maybe heard it from an old school friend or a colleague who just happened to pass by.  Here, get to know the people and some of the restos that made it through the zoning evolution.


[UPDATE] > Check this site for a more updated directory of restos to try in and around the Maginhawa Street area. More photos and a lot more details; it shall not disappoint (nicely done work by the Writer!)

Prepared by Jericho Montemayor VOM


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  1. Thanks for linking back to my blog on where to eat in Maginhawa 🙂

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