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The Word Became Flesh

John 1:1-18

So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.John 1:14

God promised us a Savior. He delivered Jesus. Jesus lived with us. We witnessed His triumph over evil. We were so blessed to have him as role model. For He was both very graceful and truthful. Traits that we should try to emulate.

Our Heavenly Father revealed to me today that His Words are life. It is something we can use to triumph over the enemy. The Word becoming flesh (Jesus) symbolizes that if we listen and use our Father’s Word, we can live like Jesus. Just like Jesus, we can triumph over the deceiver. Jesus lived among us so that we can learn from Him. What are we doing with His teachings?

This verse is an awesome reminder that God’s Word become true. The Word happened. And all His Word in Revelations will happen. So, we better be mindful.

When I see a baby, I remind myself that there was this one time that our Heavenly Father lived among us. And just like a baby who lights up a home, He illuminated a path to our salvation. Have you accepted His way to your salvation? Have you received Jesus as your Savior?

Glory to God.


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