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Do Landlords have the right to present their property without asking current tenant?

In most lease contracts I’ve read, this question is often left unanswered. Did you observe it too? Though it seldom poses problems, I believe it should be discussed between landlords and tenants. Since tenants are stewards of the property for lease until contract expires, don’t they have the right to refuse viewing visitors? What’s your take on this? Please leave your comments below. Thanks.


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2 Responses

  1. Alberto Manalon Madrilejos says:

    The question/query speaks of “right”. In the strict sense of the term, their being current tenants of the property did not give them the right to deny the property owner to show the same to prospective buyers of the property, unless, perhaps, this was previously made part of the terms and conditions of the lease contract…in the event that the property owner decides to dispose of the same.

    • Alberto, thanks for the comment. Would you advise landlords to maintain their right to present their property even without consent of current tenant? Landlords should respect the privacy of tenants as well… How many days notice should be given to the tenant to prepare the property for viewing?

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