Realty By JM

Salt and Light of Philippine Realty


Psalm 18:1-50

Who do you run to first in times of trouble? There was a time in my life where I tried to drown my sorrows with alcohol. It didn’t do me any good. Sorrows are still there and you’ll feel even worse in the morning.

The moment I turned to God and decided to make him my refuge. That’s when my life became quiet or peaceful. In the picture above, if you notice, when you build a structure on top of a rock, even if it is surrounded by violent waves of water, it’ll remain upright and solid.

Dear friend, if you haven’t built your life with God as your foundation, I ask you to reconsider. You wouldn’t want to build your house on soft soil, do you? Why would you want to build your life on something unreliably unstable?

Glory to God.


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