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Salt and Light of Philippine Realty

Hearer of Prayers

1 Samuel 1:1-30

God hears the prayers of the sincere. This is His revelation to me today. Good news, don’t you think?

My profession as a real estate broker can be discouraging. Just like Hannah, I sometimes feel barren or not producing any fruit. Most of the time, I lose a transaction or a close. Very disappointing indeed especially if you want your wife to stay home and take care of your kid.

Through Hannah’s story, God reveals the steps we need to take when discouraged.

Step 1: Pray Earnestly / Sincerely. When Hannah was being ridiculed, she didn’t fight back, complain or grumbled. She just prayed.

Step 2: Get encouragement from friends or counselors. When Hannah heard Eli said: “May God hear your prayers!” Didn’t Hannah feel uplifted? Don’t you feel good when your friends console you?

Step 3: Leave and entrust your worries to God. Hannah, after praying and hearing Eli’s encouragement, went back home and ate. She went back to her normal daily routine, forgot about her troubles for she left it with God. Don’t you feel a sense of relief when you just let go?

May Hannah’s story inspire you. May you remain hopeful in times of barrenness or despair. May God grant your requests.

Glory to God.


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2 Responses

  1. froilan says:

    Hi Jonas! It’s been a while since our first exchange. It’s always refreshing to read your messages like the one above. Keep it up! Never give up being the salt and light of the industry. God bless you more!

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