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Benefits of Commercial Real Estate

Before we begin, here’s our working definition of Commercial Real Estate.


If you are a new Real Estate Broker you’re probably thinking of what niche to focus on. Let’s face it, you can never handle everything the real estate industry offers. It is just too vast and spreading yourself too thin is a disadvantage. In your profession, just like in any activity you want to excel at, you need focus. In Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki‘s book, Why We Want You To Be Rich said it best: FOCUS; Follow-One-Course-Until-Successful.


Here are a few benefits of going in to commercial real estate. First, you don’t need to work on weekends or at  nights. You see, most of your clients looking for commercial property will be business people who want to rest on weekends or after work. Unlike residential real estate where most of your client’s are working during weekdays and can only view properties on weekends or after work. So, with commercial realty, you get to keep your weekends with the family.


A second benefit is: There are no barriers to one’s progress. Unlike other work, you need to go up the corporate ladder in order to become on top. And sometimes you never reach the top because you get fired. With commercial real estate, you become your own boss and everything you invest in your profession is for your gain. You can only get better as time pass by. Nobody can really take that away from you so you progress. Your progress will depend on your connections, talent and the effort or passion you put in.


The last benefit I can think of is it’s earning potential. There’s no doubt that commercial real estate is bigger business than residential real estate. Maybe that’s why serious brokerages like CBRE and KMC Mag Group focused on it and stuck with it.


So there, here are the three benefits I can think of why you may want to focus on commercial real estate. Can you think of other benefits? Please post them below…


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