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When was the last time you’ve been swindled? (last part)

Being swindled, regardless of the amount of moolah, was never or will ever be a great experience.  I know, I know.  I should’ve listened to my mentors.  I’d like to think, however, that I am a better real estate broker because of the experience.  Kinda like being an automobile driver.  You really can’t say you’re a better driver unless you have your first bump.  To those who never made the mistake, good for you.  Maybe I’m just terrible at following instructions.

If you have been reading my previous posts, it is not difficult to pin point when the mistake occurred.  It was a mistake from the start.  Not identifying from the start who I was dealing with was just foolish.  I assumed I was dealing with the owner.  I should’ve known better.  It’s a simple question to ask: “Are you the owner?”  Would’ve sufficed.

Also, I assumed that the building is so old that no one, including me, will opt to live in that unit.  Wrong!  “Never judge others”, Mathew once said (  In our profession, it is not our lot to say if they’ll like a property or not.  It is our duty to just present what we have and pray that they like it.  No buts.  I should’ve just known my role and shut my mouth and ended the negative thought.


At first, I was so angry with that old licensed broker.  I really wanted to destroy her ’20 year’ career.  But, I don’t see any good in doing it.  I pity her because she may really need the money and decided to swindle a newbie like me.  It was my first ‘burn’ in the profession and I hope it won’t happen again after paying for tuition.

What’s your story?  When was the last time you’ve been swindled?

Jonas Montemayor

Real Estate Broker

PRC License #: 0007396

503-8070 / 0905-311-0120

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