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Registering for PRC License Without Exams

You knew I took the road less traveled if you read my previous blog.  If not, it’s not the end of the world.  You can still read my previous blog entitled: “Out of PRC in 30 Minutes” by just clicking HERE.

Now this blog is about you beating my record of 30 minutes filing in the Professional Regulation Commission.  It is possible.  You see…  When I filed for PRC License without Exams, I encountered some stumbling blocks that caused delay.  It is my hope that you don’t go through those stumbling blocks.  May this help you and be your guide to a smooth and easy filing.

Before anything else, make sure that all documents you need to submit are in order.  These steps are useless when you don’t have the proper documents at hand.  Preparing before any battle is of utmost importance.  Click HERE to view the list of requirements.  Additional requirement… bring paste!  Or, you can be a freeloader and ask paste from the people who bought there.

So, are your requirements in order?  Did you make copies already?  When all of these are ready, you are now prepared to go to PRC.  First step I recommend is that, upon entering the government agency’s premises look for their customer service center.  PRC’s customer service can be found near the entrance, ground floor of course.  Who knows, maybe these steps are passé the time you read this.  I want you to be diligent and double check.  Be reminded, I am no expert and can only narrate what I’ve gone through.

Second step: go to 2nd building, entrance is near the cashiers (windows 33-36).  Show and submit all your documents at the 3rd floor of the said building, first window you see.  A young clerk will check all your requirements and staple them all together.  She’ll give you another small cardboard form to fill up.

Third step: go to the 2nd floor of the same building and look for their legal department office where you will dish out 100 pesos for notarization.

Fourth step: go out of that building and proceed to ground floor, window H of the 1st building near the entrance.  They will verify that you passed the exams.  At this point, I do hope you passed the exams!

Fifth step: Metered stamping, also near the entrance / ground floor.  You’ll be charged 21 pesos for this.

Sixth step: Cashier or Windows 33-36.  Window 36 are for the senior citizens and pregnant.  So, if you are young and male, you can only fall in line here when you have a bulging abdomen. Hehehe…  You’ll pay 900 pesos.  Up to this point you already spent 1,021.00 bucks.  And you are not yet sure if you’ll be issued a PRC License.

And lastly, go back to the first window on the 3rd floor where you first showed everything.  They will collect all your documents and give you a claim stub.

I hope this helps…  By the way, on your way out, I recommend you get your Oath form at the customer service counter.  You’ll need this form the next time you visit PRC.


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