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I Passed the Realty Exams out of Luck

Lately, people are asking me for tips on how to pass the Real Estate Broker’s exam.  Because of the opportunities PMRB (Pasay-Makati Realtor’s Board) gave me, people come to me as if I am an expert.  Honestly, I am no expert and I was never the sharpest among my peers.  I am not even among the top 20% who passed the exams during my time.  But, I did pass, some will say…  I say: “All the glory is His for I was just lucky.”

I was lucky because He freed up my schedule.  This gave me more time to study.  So, PRAY.  Ask God to give you enough time to study.  Personally, I needed a lot of time to study.  Why?  Because this is my first dip in to the realty profession.  You may need a lesser time because you may have been in the profession for years.  But, you really can’t expect to pass without studying.

I was lucky because He led me to great people.  I took my review with PMRB and most of my lectures came from the best speaker in the industry, Atty. Ariel Martinez.  He made all those seminar hours very entertaining.  In addition, I was fortunate to be with like minded people to study with.  Maia Castaneda was the leader of this study group.  She made mock exams challenging and learning fun.  I also have to include my ex-girlfriend (she’s my wife now) and family to this list for they understood my absence and gave their love and support.

Lastly, I was lucky because our exams were easy.  Realtor / Appraiser and Mentor Edwin Lisondra once said: “Your exam was the easiest!”  I believe him because there were only two math problems to solve and we were given four hours to answer all 100 multiple choice questions.  You probably have seen the last exam.  Do you think it’s difficult?  If you answered yes to this question, then you need to find more time to study.

Now, do you believe my passing was just luck?

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