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Out of PRC in 30 Minutes

We all know filing anything in the Professional Regulation Commission can take a day.  You were probably one of those people who went there very early in the morning just to file something.  Hey, I can’t blame you… You just want it accomplished within the day.  You did this because you probably heard horrible stories about the long waiting lines at this particular government agency.  Even I caught one of those stories.  After hearing those stories, I began asking friends and colleagues: “When is the best time to go to PRC?”  The answers are pretty obvious, don’t you think?  Except one, all answered: “Go there very early and hope you’ll be first in line.  If not, set aside and devote an entire day just to accomplish your objective!”  Whoaa!  I said to myself… “Brokers can’t set aside that much time?”  However, to my surprise, one friend advised: “Be there around 3 p.m. no need to go with the majority.”

 At first I can’t believe what I heard because too many people suggested I go there as early as possible.  My natural tendency is to follow the advice of the majority.  However, I though long and hard.  Imagine… All my requirements for filing are ready since October 2010 and I just filed last March 9.  That’s really a long time of pondering, don’t you think?  Anyway, I decided to take the road less traveled and went there around 3 p.m.  My rationale was… This time, why not counter flow or go against the norm?  If you are coming from northern Metro Manila going to Makati, what’s the best time of day to go south?  The answer is: in the afternoon… Or, after the morning rush hour and when everyone is in their offices. 

 So, I arrived at PRC expecting the worst.  To my surprise the lines were short and transactions were quick.  I really don’t know if this is due to the counter flow theory, or I was simply lucky because that day was Ash Wednesday and everyone was busy getting their foreheads ashed in Quiapo.  Nevertheless, the fact still remains that I was done in 30 minutes.  Sometimes it’s just better to take the road less traveled. 

When was the last time you went against the norm?

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