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Seven Things… Realtor

Dear Realtors,

Kindly share this with your clients and share additional advice at the comments section below.

  1. Hire a licensed Realtor working full time. Full service means the broker is working for you whenever you are in need. Full time brokers are best prepared to resolve problems that crop up during negotiations and inspections as well as those that occur after the purchase.
  2. Hire a Realtor with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. This is the broker who goes the extra mile to get the best results, even with the going gets tough.
  3. Hire a market savvy Realtor. Consistent sales in a given neighborhood reveals geographic market smarts that can save money. Knowledge is key.
  4. Hire a tech-savvy Realtor. Most home transactions today begin on the Internet. All eventually get a technology assist.
  5. Hire a team player. A real estate broker with a network of professionals at his disposal can take the screws out of finding a good handyman, insurance agent, mortgage broker, home inspector or a variety of other home buying and owning professionals you will need.
  6. Hire a well-respected or ethical Real Estate Broker.  These are Realtors who only deal with trustworthy, licensed, and ethical professionals.
  7. Hire a Realtor who you feel you can trust.

Excerpt from Broderick Perkins’s “10 Things To Look For In A Realtor” (click here).

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