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FREE Wellness Activities @ QC Circle

An exercise tip: If you really intend to run, join a marathon and avoid venues with too much cafes or restaurants.

When was the last time you visited the Quezon City Circle?  For better photos, click here.  My late father brought me and my siblings there during our childhood for bike rides.  During that time, that was the only activity available.  Now, they have more activities to offer.  Aerobics and ballroom classes, badminton, basketball, etc.  They even got Nestle to host Free wellness activities all around the monument’s compound.  Below are the list of venues where Nestle provide their free wellness activities.  I’ll just let the photo speak for itself, ayt?

To enlarge photo, click it.

At 6 in the morning, today, my mom asked me to drive for my youngest brother.  She asked me to bring him there for his daily exercise.  I obliged with the intention of doing my own physical activity which is running and walking the dog. 

Arrived there five minutes after, paid 15 pesos for the parking, and went to our preferred exercise activity.  As you may already know, before any running takes place, you need to warm up.  So, I walked.  I probably walked too much because I ended up not running but having an early breakfast at one of my father’s favorite restos. 

How can one focus with too many distractions?  With these kinds of places, do people come here to work out or eat out?  What would you do?


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