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Age of Idolizing Ourselves?

Fr. Jojo Zerrudo, Parish Priest of the Lord of Divine Mercy Parish in Sikatuna talked about a bizarre type of idolatry: The Idolatry of Ourself.  It is bizarre because I believe you can only worship someone or something external.  Anyway, I just thought of it as something psychological.  Could he be talking about Narcissism

With all the self-help and self-improvement books found in our bookstores nowadays, I’m starting to believe our parish priest’s observation.   What is this obsession about the self?  Can we really make ourselves perfect or more valuable by reading a book and developing competencies? 

Today’s First Reading reminds us to repent and turn away from idols (self-love, money, fame, power, etc).  Similarly, Buddhists say, we should renounce our ego.  Do you think this is easy for someone who thinks highly of themselves?  I don’t think so.  Repentance and renouncement of ego require humility.  When you receive a compliment, what do you say?  Thank you, I worked hard for this and therefore desserve this. Or, All glory should go to God!

Do you think this is easy?  Today’s Gospel says it isn’t.  Christian life of regular repentance and renouncement of ego is really very difficult.  But, if we remain faithful until the end, we will be saved from this earthly means.  Are you ready to end the age of narcissism?


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