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How to Stay Productive?

After this morning’s jog with my youngest brother James and our dog Kenji, I found myself in front of the computer reading emails and some articles that captured my attention.  Then I realized, I have nothing to do for the rest of the day.  Nothing planned and no appointments.  This is terrible because this means I am, or will be, unproductive.

As a Real Estate Broker I have 5 major tasks:

  1. to obtain and update listings
  2. to adverstise or market these listings / properties
  3. to manage office
  4. to recruit salespersons and
  5. to train salespersons

And If I’m not doing any task above, you guessed it, I’m a bum.  Atleast for a day.  I know this is not written in my list, but I think this is now the most difficult and most important task: making sure everyone is busy.  Since I vowed, this kind of day will never happen again, I researched on how people stay productive.

Here’s my favorite tips on the subject:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Start the day properly
  3. Plan to work or create a to do list
  4. Isolate yourself and remove distractions
  5. Actually do what you need to do or Just do it

If these don’t work, atleast read and try to learn something new or look for someone to help.  What’s your secret in staying productive?  Please share…


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