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Is There Any Development More Generous With Open Spaces?

70% Open space.  Aside from being surrounded by a River (Marikina River), which automatically makes the entire 12 hectare development 5 degrees cooler, Circulo Verde’s master plan is to leave 70% or about 8 hectares building free.  Ortigas and company promises to use only 30% of this property for their residential condominium development.  Kinda generous for a city development, don’t you think? 

Go around metro manila and look for other residential condominium developments that can promise 50% open space.  When you find this let me know.

The truth is, most condominiums are so close together that there’s really no room for us to breathe.  Ortigas and Company saw this problem and provided a solution to this problem by putting up Circulo Verde.  If the company really wanted profit and couldn’t care less about it’s future inhabitants, they would’ve planned a 30%, maybe lower, open space.  Just like what you will see around metro manila.

I don’t know about you, but if I were to live in a city, I’d prefer a place with generous open spaces.  So, in Metro Manila, Is there any development more generous with open spaces?  Kindly let me know if you find one and I’ll represent them.


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