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Where’s Your Farm?

If I consider myself a professional farmer, it is reasonable for my readers to ask; “Where is your farm?”  My answer is: “it is in Quezon City, Libis and very near C-5 Road”.  Who’s my landlord? – Ortigas and Company, Limited Partnership and their current project is Circulo Verde

As I said in my previous article, I am changing the purpose of this blog.  For now, this online journal will contain topics regarding Ortigas and Company and their current and future projects.  In the following articles, I will blog about my 12 hectare farm and everything about its development.  At the same time, I will post common client questions and my answers.

I chose to farm this 12 hectare land because I believe it is an oasis.  An oasis because it is a fertile land with water in the middle of a desert.  In this context, let us refer to the city as a desert where you seldom see open spaces or greeneries.  It is my desire to share this Circulo Verde Oasis discovery to all.

Those in the Realty industry, I encourage you share where your farm is.  We’d love to here about them as well.  So, what can you say about my farm?


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