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Career Growth and Flexibility: Reason to Sell Real Estate

What property do you want to sell?  Are you more inclined to sell or promote commercial, industrial or residential properties?  Do you want to go into selling, leasing, purchasing, exchanging, or mortgaging of real property?  Condominiums, house and lots, raw land, warehouses, buildings, residential resorts, etc…  This list can go on and on…  Bottomline is due all these options, real estate practioners are flexible.  Should you decide residential realty is not for you, you can opt for the other types.

I classify real estate salespersons as self-employed.  Their career growth is really up to them and will never be dependent on some employer.  After three to five years, salespersons should have their own brokerage or business.  Career growth in this context is more like a career change.  If you are currently a real estate salesperson, have you decided when you will make the transition from self-employment to business owner?

But for now, ask yourself this question: “What type of property do I want to sell?  What area or demographic would you want to focus on?”  Kindly post your comments below.

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