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What Are the Biggest “Trials” of the Position Broker?

Being a Broker is really tough.  Managing numerous employees and / or salespersons is enough work to keep you busy the entire day.  24 hours a day is never enough time for a Broker.  That’s why they need the help of secretaries, liason officers, attorneys, managers or virtual office managers and salespeople. 

I think the biggest trial of the Position Broker is: How he can run his brokerage efficiently and productively.  Being a Broker is not just about selling… It’s also about looking for properties to sell, advertising, recruitment, documentation and marketing or socializing.  Another biggest trial of a Broker is: building and maintaining healthy relationships, both in and out of the office.  Trust is very important in any industry. Especially in an industry handling huge amount of money.  They simply won’t hire your services or buy from you if they don’t trust you.

What’s your take?  As a Realtor, what are the biggest trials you encountered?  Can you please tell us how you solved the trial?


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