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Public Contact: A Reason to Sell Real Estate

I’ve been selling insurance for more than a decade while my family has been in the same industry for almost 3 decades.  If there is one thing I’ve learned in the selling business, it is this:  “It is not enough to say that you like people.”   Being able to understand and work with others are more important traits than simply liking people.

You see, we are in the business of building relationships.  People will only purchase anything from you once they trust you.  You can even sell your clients anything as long as they believe in you.  As long as they believe that you will serve them better than anyone else in the industry.

Do you feel some sense of accomplishment when you solve other people’s problem?  Are you always excited to meet, and serve, new and different people constantly or daily?  If you answered yes to this questions, you may be a natural born salesperson.  How would you like to earn your first million in realty?


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