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Limited Supervision: A Reson to Sell Real Estate

Are you like me?  The type who prefers to work freely, with nobody constantly breathing at the back of your neck?  If you answered yes, good for you then.  But, be careful.  This preference comes with a very high price.  You need to be extremely disciplined and responsible because this freedom is and can be easily abused.

Wise and creative use of time, however, will make you succeed in your real estate career.  You should have time to do marketing, advertising, networking, presentations, product / competitor studies, and correspondences.  How you will do all these without burning out or going insane is all up to, after the proper guidance of your broker of course.  

In real property selling, your broker will not be able to supervise you all the time.  He is responsible for training you though.  After that, most of the time, you are on your own.  Hower, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to slack off.  He will still keep track of your production. 

Ask yourself this question:  Am I responsible and disciplined enough to work as a real estate salesperson?  If you honestly say yes, then give me a call.


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