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Income Opportunity: A Reason To Sell Real Estate

I think most of you will agree that earning nowadays is difficult.  Having a job will give you a modest salary, but you may be losing an opportunity to make more moolah out of your very precious, and scarce time.  I challenge you to give me one legal vocation that can give you more income opportunity than selling real estate. 

Yah.  I thought so too…

Salespersons, when you decide to sell a home.  For example, a 3 Million worth of real property.  3,000,000.00.  Which is the average price of any decent home, by the way.  You will take home atleast Php 90,000.00.  Even if you only sell one property in every quarter, it will still give you Php 30,000.00 per month!  How many of you are earning this much, monthly, through employment or by selling new multi-level marketing schemes, washing machines, gym services, or make up / beauty products? 

So, have you decided to join my team of successful salespersons?  If so, what’s your primary reason to sell real estate?  Or, do you have a success story of a successful agent who witnessed the unlimited income opportunity of this profession?


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