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Join My Team of Successful Real Estate Salespersons

Following the advice of Rosenauer and Mayfield, I am looking for individuals who have the C.R.A.F.T. traits.

Do you have these traits?

  1. CONSISTENT – someone who is willing to “keep after it” and not someone who is focused and motivated today, but disinterested and discouraged tomorrow.
  2. RESPONSIBLE – someone who is willing to take charge of her own life or someone who lives by the motto: “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”
  3. ACCURATE – someone who can provide the best possible professional service by making a dedicated or diligent effort to master their product and service
  4. FOUNDATIONALLY SOLID –  someone who is already well grounded in the industry and then stays grounded, or atleast someone who is willing to learn the basics of salesmanship
  5. TACTFUL – someone who has the ability to deal with viewpoints, conflicts, or objections level-headedly and cleverly.  Or, someone who can perform in a manner that does not alienate prospects.

If you have any of these traits and would like to join my team of successful real estate salespersons, please contact me immediately.

Dear friends, what can I add to these list of traits?

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