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Trinoma Mall this March

It’s almost lunch time and my mom and brother is not finished shopping. I’m waiting in my favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, drinking Today’s Iced Tea (you should try it, if you’re a fan of Iced tea… different iced tea brew daily) and decided to take a snapshot of that photo to the right.  I believe every Realtor should have some interest in current events in their area.  It should be their past time…  Since the Trinoma Mall is one of the closest malls in Sikatuna village, I decided to help promote their event for March.  How about it?  Now, you have three reasons to stand up from your couch…  I have given you three reasons to go to the mall and leave the heat at home.  So, move.

Anyway, that’s just me.  Do you have any suggestions on how one Realtor can improve service?  Did you find this blog post useful?  I sincerely hope you do.


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