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Merienda and Surfing at Cafe Quezon

When it is this hot in your neighborhood, or wherever you are, what do you do to stay cool?  Fortunately for me there are air-conditioned restos near my home.  One of them that I recently visited is Cafe Quezon.  It’s located at #179 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.  Their telephone numbers are 928-8534 and +63 920-961-5256.

Music here is very relaxing and food price is reasonable.  I like the fact that they have wifi.  Where, I believe, most restos can’t do without.  My dear friend Ron, I hope you’re reading this. hahaha.  Before you are allowed to use their wifi, your tab must have a minimum amount of 150 bucks.  Nowadays, 150 is a very small amount. 

This is an incomplete  menu, I just want to show you their prices and what they are offering.

Now that’s how the place looks like from the inside.  If you are in Sikatuna or Teacher’s Village, I encourage you to pass by. 

When you have tried out this place, please let me know what your experience was.


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