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Una-Sikat’s ComPares in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

I’ve been a resident of my community for 3 decades.  More than a decade ago, Una-Sikat opened.  Formerly, it was called Una-Sikat Pares.  Haven’t interviewed the owner, but I think Una-Sikat is Sikatuna manipulated. 

Ate dinner last 7 March 2010 and found out of its new name.  Now It’s called Una-Sikat’s ComPares and here’s what their current signage looks like:

"Paresan at Bulalohan in Sikatuna"

And here’s how it looks like inside.  It’s not airconditioned.  Entrance very open.  Maybe this is their secret to their success.  It somehow makes you feel welcome.

You assumed correctly… with this kind of setup, food prices are definitely cheap.  You can have a decent meal for a hundred bucks.  Here’s what’s written in their menu as of the 7th day of March 2010.  In any resto it’s safe to expect a 5% increase in price yearly due to inflation.


There… If ever you visit Sikatuna Village, drop by this place.  It’s along Anonas Avenue, between Kamias and V.Luna.  Call me and I’ll gladly give you directions.  Jonas 926-7420 or mobile 425-9775 or you may simply call them 924-8887


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  1. Bad news. Una-Sikat Pares is already closed.

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